There has been three tartans associated with the Hunter Family.

1. The Hunter, Russle, Mitchel, Galbraith, tartan shared by the four families.

2. The Hunters of Bute tartan. A group of Hunters sought allegiance from the Stewarts at one time.

3. The Hunters of Peebleshire tartan. An old branch of the Hunter family.

The 29th Clan Chief decided that his family should have its own tartan so in 1981 he commisioned Captain T.Stuart Davidson as a tartan consultant to Clan Hunter.

After two years of extensive research and study a new sett was completed. This has been named the "Hunter of Hunterston Sett" to seperate it from the other Hunter tartans. It is more commonly known as the Clan Hunter tartan.

The sett of design was carefully chosen to incorporate a close relationship with the Hunter Clan history, a predominantly green hunting gound color, with a narrow gold (yellow) and red stripes representing colors from the Chiefs coat of arms. The yellow stripe indicates the royal appointment as huntsman to the king
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The Clan Hunter Tartan

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The Hunter, Russel, Mitchell, Galbraith tartan

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The Hunters of Bute tartan

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The Hunter of Peebleshire Tartan

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